Does your business need that Proof Personal Touch?

We are proud to have assisted numerous companies with proofreading and copywriting, as well as helping them to market their services in line with key SEO phrases.

You may be satisfied with your existing proofreading team, whether they are in-house or outsourced, or perhaps you are a small company and rely on each other to check the accuracy of your copy.  Can you really be sure that there are no inaccuracies in your adverts or publicity for your company or product?  We have sampled a variety of advertisements which large corporate businesses use to sell their products or services and found a surprising number of errors.  Proof Personal will proof read a sample of your advertising or publicity copy for free. If it does not contain errors, you can be reassured that you do not need our services. On the other hand, if  we find mistakes we will let you know how many and whether each is an error of style, grammatical, punctuation or spelling.  We will then negotiate a fee for correcting the copy, based on the word count.  Our terms will always be more generous than the fees you are currently paying.  Simply provide us with online or electronic confirmation of the cost of your current proof reading and we promise to offer a better service for less.

Our copywriting service will refresh your existing advertising strategy and present your company in a new light. Proof Personal will work in partnership with you until you are completely satisfied with the copy.   We can provide you with the copy alone or we can commission an excellent design team to produce some advertising proofs using our copy and working to your specific brief.  Please contact us at for our rates.