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Need help with your CV?

If you need a CV to impress or your present one needs updating, we can help you to make your CV look like a million dollars.

‘Isn’t that right, Prof Proof?’

‘Absolutely.  Proof Personal will make sure that your CV uses an up-to-the-minute structure and layout and showcases your qualities, experience and skills.  Most CV’s which end up on the Rejected! pile are there because of poor expression or errors of grammar and punctuation.  With Proof Personal’s support, you will be able to submit an accurate and well-written CV and stand out from the crowd.’

Here are some tips:

Some CV do’s and don’ts:

CV Do ‘s

Type your CV.

  • If a hard copy is needed, print it on good quality A4 size (21cm x 29.7cm) paper e.g. 80g/m2.
  • Margins should be a minimum of 2cm on each edge of the paper.
  • Use a maximum of two sides of paper.
  • Keep sentences short and to the point
  • Use Arial Font 12 or Arial Font 10 throughout.  Smaller font is more difficult to read.
  • Use sub-headings to divide the CV into sections.
  • Use bold or italic to draw the reader’s attention to important words.
  • Use bullet points in a list.

CV Don’ts:

  • Don’t put CV or Curriculum Vitae at the top of the first page – the layout will tell the reader what it is.
  • Unless asked, don’t attach a photo.
  • Don’t use Font smaller than 10.
  • Don’t use underlining on single words.
  • Don’t use capitals except for the beginning of a group of words or for names.

The CV structure

  1. Name (first name then family name)
  2. Address
  3. Employment: start with the most recent
  4. Education: start with the most recent qualifications
  5. Other skills
  6. Personal details

An example of a CV:

Priyanka Proof

63, Proofreading Road, Manchester PP1 1AA
Telephone: 0161-899 9999;  Mobile: 07609 999999;  E-mail:


2003-2005 Proof Personal, Manchester, UK
An online proof reading service for students and adult learners
Administrative Assistant
Maintained the Proof Personal website
Developed publicity strategies to expand the customer base
Supervised the payment system
2001-2003 Personal Publishing, New York, USA
A student-oriented publishing house which publishes PhD theses
Sales Assistant
Visited university departments to showcase published work
Signed up universities with the publisher
2000-2001 Baggage Handler, JFK Airport, New York, USA
Loaded pre-screened baggage onto domestic flights


2008 –             present MA in Proof Reading
2005-2008 Proof University, Manchester, UK
BSc in Linguistics (Hons) 2:1

International School, London

8 GCSE’s and 4 A Levels; Certificate in English as a Spoken Medium

Other Skills

Computer literate: good knowledge of Word and Excel, as well as e-mail,  the use of  the internet and social networking sites for advertising and publicity purposes.

Urdu home language.  Fluent in English.  Conversational Spanish and French.

Personal Details

Date of Birth 19 August, 1983
Nationality Asian
Gender Female
Work status Student visa
Interests Studying English, going to the theatre and playing badminton