Why use the Prof?

Stuck with your CV, essay or application? Don’t worry – Prof Proof  is ready to help you. Click on the Submit your Essay tab to upload your assignment, CV or letter of application.  In a matter of minutes, your writing will be with Proof Personal and in the hands of one of our expert proofreaders.  If you need our help, email us at proofpersonal@gmail.com.

Proof Personal is a fast, reliable and personalised online proof reading service.  We are committed to giving your assignments, dissertations, applications and CVs our very best personal attention. We understand that we all find it difficult to spot mistakes in our own writing. This is why even professional writers and publishers need proofreaders.

Our expert proofreaders guarantee that your writing will receive our very best attention. But our service doesn’t stop there. Our standard Proof Style service goes beyond identifying punctuation and spelling mistakes to amending expression so that your writing will flow.

Our rapid turn around means that your writing will be back with you within 72 hours (subject to a maximum word count of 20,000 words).  And when you need us to work more quickly, we have a range of delivery options to suit your needs.

Get peace of mind with our service

Use our submission form on the Submit your Essay page and simply pay with our Proof-as-You-Go Service. If you need your writing returned more quickly, choose the Proof Speed option you would like and Prof Proof will instantly work out the fee for you.  You won’t pay a penny until your proofreader has confirmed that they have finished proofreading your writing. Proof Personal uses Paypal to ensure that your personal details are kept 100% secure.  If you don’t have a Paypal account, it is really easy to set one up.  Go to www.paypal.com/uk/and follow the sign-up instructions.

If you would like the same proofreader to proofread your work in future, you can request this.  We really are committed to offering you a personalised service.